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Neonatologists at Kailash Deepak Hospital provide the utmost care to newborns with breathing conditions, birth defects, infections and other diseases. The super-speciality department is dedicated to the well-being of generally premature babies, babies born with low & very low weight, babies with congenital conditions, babies with respiratory complications, and meconium aspiration.

The hospital’s expertise is spanned from neonatal emergency services to therapies across the spectrum of newborn conditions to long-term and follow-up care. In a short span of time, the department has established its repute in successfully treating several advanced neonatology disorders.

The dedicated team of neonatologists operates all varieties of neonatal emergencies for example - Prematurity, Respiratory, Cardiac, Shock, CNS, RDS, Meconium aspiration syndrome, Birth asphyxia, Neonatal seizures, etc. Apart from the neonatologists, the team is comprised of specialists namely- respiratory therapists, clinical nursing specialists, patient counselors, pharmacists, and dieticians who operate round the clock at the super-speciality unit.


  • To children with respiratory difficulty or hypoxia.


  • In a child with inadequate respiratory effort, he/she is supported with bag-valve-mask ventilation or intubation and intermittent positive pressure ventilation.

Testing with Advanced Technology:

With birth, a highly trained team of experts carries out several tests of the newborn; this comprises CBC, WBC, Hb concentration, Pulse oximetry, CXR, Blood chemistry, Echocardiography, Brain imaging, Blood gases, etc. In addition, our team of prominent lab technicians focuses on identifying in-depth problems magnifying test reports. While the specialists offer a wide range of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures to neonatal suffering from any type of problem.

World-class Infrastructure:

The Neonatal Intensive Care Units (ICUs) at the hospital are technologically advanced & equipped with state-of-the-art ventilators, advanced monitors for tracking all neonatal functionary parts & defects. While the mobile Neonatal Intensive Care Units or NICU Ambulances are also equipped with level III neonatal care with incubator, monitor, & ventilator. The team also comprised of a senior pediatrician during transport.

Further, the hospital is always keen to improve diagnosis and therapies among neonatal.

  • State-of-the-art incubators
  • Advanced Monitors
  • Upgraded Ventilators
  • High-frequency Oxylators
  • CPAP apparatus

For further details regarding neonatal services, ventilator ambulance and other clarifications regarding Kailash Deepak Hospital NICU facilities consult our neonatologists.

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